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Which is the best moment for a relocation?

The best moment, is when you decide. Nevertheless, there are periods along the year in which the demand is greater (summer, from May to September, Christmas or festivities, and of course, at the end of every month). We advise you to plan your relocation in advance.
Plan your move well in advance

Moving is always a hard and heavy task, more so if done in a hurry or just in time. Planning ahead of time this activity can be detected as preference factors of their belongings, the value or even the order of transport.
How much is the estimate?

The estímate by Mudanzas Rocío will be always for free and without any compromise. We are here to help you.
Move yourself your personal objects

To avoid any possible frustration or discontent, we advise you to take personally your great value objects, so that you would be confident with the relocation.
We have insurance and coverage.

Mudanzas Rocío includes insurance policy LOTT (Ley de Ordenación de Transportes Terrestres: Law of Arrangement of Transportation by Land) in its offers.

Handling policy if you want to hire it, unless you want to hire it on your own. Mudanzas Rocío makes an offer rising the Premium (that the insurance company indicate us) of the value declared by the client.
Do not move old or unnecesary objects.

We all have many things and, almost always, want to preserve them when we go to another house. This is a great mistake. A relocacion is the perfect occasion to clean and get rid of those unnecessary objects.
Shall I pack and unpack my objects?

As you will have the occasion to see in our services, we can pack the objects for you or give you the necessary material so that you do it yourself.
Insist on a written budget

Although we do not doubt of the professionally of any Enterprise, its is always better to own a copy of the given estimate. This way none of the parties with have any doubt.
Could I trust you any furniture that I do not need?

Of course. We have an specific service to keep in store all that you do not need at home or, for which you do not have any place.
Use your right to sign a contract

It will be necessary that we sign a contract and keep a copy from it, so that all the relocation process goes according to the agreed.
Which kind vehicles have the Enterprise?

Mudanzas Rocío has a total equipped fleet for any necessary service, for the relocation and transportation.. We also own a modern technology to satisfy all you need.
Check that the Enterprise metes the legal requirements

Lastly, you have to take into account that you are going to trust your objects to an Enterprise, so it will be necessary that this enterprise fulfill all the requirements according to the law.

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